Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mauritian gateaux piment recipe ( chilli cakes )

Ahhh ! the afternoon tea with some yummy homemade deep fried cake ...

today i'll show you how to make Gateaux piment from scratch . It is so easy and delicious .

its actually one of my favorite ! I remember how my mum used to make those for a cuppa in the afternoon. so here's the recipe if you would like to know how to make gateaux piment .


- 250 grams of split peas

- Salt to taste

- Half a tsp of cumin seeds or powder

- Red or green chillies or dry chillies

- Chopped onions

- Chopped spring onions

- Oil for frying


1 . Pre soaked the split peas dholl preferable overnight .

2. Wash and drain the water , put in a blender and blend until a consistency of smooth to rocky is obtained .

3. Add all the ingredients with the blended dholl and mix well .

4.Heat up the oil on medium to high heat and shape the mixture in small round shapes and deep fry them until golden brown in color . Adjust the heat for thoroughly cooking .

5. Drain on paper towel and enjoy with a nice cuppa or serve as a snack :)

gateaux piment

If you happen to have left over mixtures , don't trow them away , you can seal them in plastic bags or freezer bags  and freeze them for up to 3 months . don't forget to write the date though ;)

and if you would like to check the video version of the recipe please feel free to click on the link below to watch the full video .

until then 

see you all next time :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mauritian fish salad ( exotic )

Hello food lovers !

Looking for something new ? why don't you try this awesome , exotic , easy and simply typical MAURITIAN fish salad . the flavors are so vibrant that you will yearn for some more ! check out the recipe below


1     . Fish fillet of your choice
2     . 1 tomato sliced thinly
3     . Chillies ( here im using pickle chilli )
4     . Lemon slice ( pickled optional )
5     . Half an onions or a small onion cut thinly
6     . Salt and pepper
7     . Extra virgin Olive oil
8     . Fresh coriander 


1 . Fry your fish for roughly 2 mins each side .

2 . Break the fish into pieces .

3. In a bowl , mix your tomato , chillies , lemon ,  onions , salt and pepper , coriander and some extra virgin olive oil .

4 . Add the fish pieces and top up with some coriander for deco and you are done ! easy peasy and quick !

P.S :if you use a different recipe for your fish salad , comment below to let me know about it .

Until then
see y'all  next time :)


Fish fennel salad

Hello my beautiful birds , hope you all are at you fullest  ! today i bring you my Husband's favorite side dish Fish fennel salad with leeks and oranges . if you are looking for something clean for your diet and beneficial for your health and loves fish then this one is for you ! lets starts


1 .  Fish fillet ( we used one in this recipe )
2.    salt and pepper
3.    extra virgin olive oil
4.    orange flesh ( approx 4 slices)
5.    3 slices of  lemon flesh
6.    2 tsp of orange juices
7.    fennel 
8.    leeks
9.    onions
10.   mix green leave (or your choice of green leaves)
11 .  1 tomato cut in quarters
12 .  cucumbers  


1 . Clean your fish and season with salt and pepper and place on a medium high non stick pan . cook each side for 1 1/2  mins turning twice . take a slice of lemon and squeeze  the juice on the top of the fish , this will add more flavor .

2. When cooked to your preferences place aside .

3. In a bowl mix the green leaves , salt , pepper , lemon flesh , orange flesh , fennel , cucumbers , leeks , onions and tomato with the orange juice and extra virgin olive oil .

4 . On a plate of your choice , place your mixed fresh salad and your fish . add a piece of lemon and some fennel on top for decoration . drizzle with some olive oil and done ! simple and easy fish fennel salad .

Enjoy :)

until then see y'all next time

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mauritian Lentille soup (simple version)

Mauritian food is versatile . it is a mixture of different cuisines (exotic)
today i am going to show you how to make Lentil soup the easy version . i said easy because many people add different ingredients to the soup , i grew up eating lentil with carrots and potatoes in it .but this recipe is the basic base to make it . so enjoy and leave your comments below of what you add in your soup ;)


1. 250 g black lentil
2.  thyme
3. onions
4. dry chillies ( optional)
5. tomato
6. salt to taste
7. 1tsp of ginger garlic paste
8. 2 tsp of vegetable oil

NOTE : You can use fresh tomato slices instead of tomato paste :)


- soak lentil for approximately 30 mins to 1 hour ( the longer the lentil is soaked , the quicker it will cook )

- in a pressure cooker add the oil , wait until hot to add the onions and chillies .

-when the onions has turn light in brown and appears soft , add the thyme , ginger garlic paste and

- add tomato paste and stir .

-when the tomato and the rest of the ingredients has cooked for roughly about 1 mins , add the soak lentil , salt and stir .

- add water ( fill 3/4 of the pressure cooker ) and let cook on a slow to medium heat for about 15 to 20 mins or until creamy

---- a good tip ----
usually the lentil is ready after 4 to 6 whistle from the pressure cooker

- check if creamy enough and taste if it requires more salt .

et voila :) ENJOY with a plate of white rice with a rougaille or satini poisson sale and mashed potato .

check my youtube channel for some fun with carving etc . recently we posted how to carve a tomato flower . link down below
until then see you all soon :)